© Marek Kosmal © Marek Kosmal

(PKS) Palm Kernel Shell パーム椰子殻 


By-product of CPO mill. It is used as alternative fuel to Coal for boiler.  Carbon-free clean energy fuel.  Our company is supplying PKS from Kalimantan & Sumatera of Indonesia.  


(PAO) Palm Acid Oil  パーム酸油 


By-product from Crude Palm Oil Mill.  By recent new technology, it is used as feedstock for bio diesel oil. © Leah-Anne Thompson © Leah-Anne Thompson



Other by-products of CPO mill: Palm Sludge (burning fuel), Palm Kernel Expeller  (animal feeds), Palm Fiber, Empty Fruit Bunch (fuel).


Wood Pellets  木質ペレット

南洋広葉樹、原産地インドネシア、熱量 約4,600 kcal.

Tropical hard wood, origin: Indonesia, GCV approx 4,600 kcal.


(CG) Crude Glycerin クルードグリセリン


By-product from BDF factory which produces BDF with feedstocks of vegetable oil or UCO.  We supply from BDF mills to refineries.